Nike 9 Womens to Mens Sizing Guide

Many sneaker companies release shoes in both MEN and WMNS sizing. They usually look the same to the naked eye, with small differences in dimensions.

Women’s shoe sizes are generally one size smaller than men’s sizes. You can use a conversion chart to help you determine which Nike shoe is the right fit for you.

Unisex sizing

Unisex Nike sneakers tend to run true-to-size, but some silhouettes do run smaller or larger. If you’re unsure of your size, try on a pair in-store or online. It’s also helpful to know if the shoe runs wide or narrow, as this can help you select the best fit.

It’s no secret that most sneakers are released in WMNS and MEN versions. Some sneakers, such as the Virgil Abloh Off-White x Nike Air Max 1 Grape, are even exclusively made for women. However, many people think that a sneaker is a WMNS or MEN release based on its colorway or shape. But this is not the case. All sneakers are unisex, so it doesn’t matter if the sneaker is in WMNS or MEN sizing – they’re all the same. This is especially important for shoes with wide toeboxes, such as soccer cleats. Luckily, Nike’s sizing chart shows the differences in CM (centimeters) or JP/FR (french/German) sizes.

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