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How to Convert Nike 8 Mens to Womens Sizes

Nike usually makes only small changes to a model between WMNS and MEN releases. This means that if you buy a shoe in the WMNS version, it should fit you just as well as the MEN version.

There is a difference in width, however, and many people who bought the WMNS shoes found them to be a bit snug width-wise. Some reported that breaking them in helped a lot.

Size Chart

Many brands use different sizing systems. To help shoppers, a size conversion chart is often provided. In general, Nike shoes tend to run slightly small.

The size conversion is based on the heel-to-toe measurement in centimeters (CM). The chart also indicates the width of the shoe, which can vary from brand to brand. Usually, women’s shoes are B width while men’s are D width. Most unisex Nike footwear is listed as Men’s sizes, including Adidas, Converse Chuck Talyor All Star and Vans sneakers.

To find the best fit, reserve a pair of shoes at your local store and try them on. Make sure to walk around and move your feet in the shoe. The ideal shoe should feel snug in all areas but not painfully tight. The back of your heel should be towards the center of the shoe, not too far forward or backward. If you need more space, try a larger size. If the shoe is too loose, you can always return it.


In addition to helping consumers find the right shoes, Nike also wants to make its stores more efficient by reducing returns and having fewer associates running back and forth to get other sizes. That’s why it invested in a technology called Nike Fit, which uses computer-vision to scan feet and recommend the right size.

Previously, Nike had shipped different shoes to markets based on a curve that predicted how many people wear each size. But that curve wasn’t as precise as it could have been, Martin says. And that resulted in Nike shipping too many pairs of size 10 sneakers to a market when it should have been sending more pairs of size 9.

Nike also makes unisex shoes, which are traditionally based on men’s shoe sizes. In that case, women who want a wider option can try a men’s US 1 size smaller (i.e., a men’s US 8 would be a women’s US 7). Nike has been testing the system in stores, and it says conversion rates are higher when customers use Nike Fit to find their perfect fit.

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